News Flash!

This week there were a few developments..... First, my blog was accepted into The Foodie Blogroll. Yay!  Here is a snapshot of my little ol' blog on their site, I'm excited.  I have their widget in place to the right, check them out, there are so many cool food blogs out there.

Next, I've had readers asking for an easier way to print the weekly recipes and grocery lists to save them time since most have been copying and pasting to a Word document.  After lots of research (whew!) I finally figured out a way to do it! So instead of seeing last weeks blog (February 1st-6th) right after this post, you are going to see all the recipes I've posted in the past.  To print the previous recipes I had to re-post them on their own.  If you still need last weeks recipes to finish out this week, scroll down and locate them to the right under post archives or labels.

Tomorrows blog will have my general write up of the recipes along with the grocery list, but now you will be able to click on the recipe title and you are taken to the recipe in solo form for easy printing. :)

Of course I will continue to tweak the blog to make it as easy as possible, because easy in our hectic life is appreciated.  As always, I hope your having a fabulous week!

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