Ahhh Chile!

We have arrived in Albuquerque and chile is available 24/7 now!  After spending some time with a few family members we headed off to one of our favorite restaurants, Gardunos.  I believe Gardunos restaurant has everything in the Spanish food category!  Now I do apologize for the grainy pics but I forgot my camera and had to use my iphone.  When you haven't been to one of your favorite restaurants in a long time you tend to want to order everything.  We started off with the complimentary chips and salsa and the yumms and moaning started, then because they have one of the best quesos around we ordered their chile con queso and once again savored the dish.  Main entree time; a combination plate of a taco, a chile relleno smothered with green chile, and a cheese enchilada smothered with red chile - other wise known as christmas style (red & green chile).  The plate was also served with Spanish rice, refried beans and sopaipillas.  In the picture you will also notice the margarita and the Corona bottles filled with salt and pepper.  Now dinner was going to be low-key since lunch was so filling but it was not going to be without green chile - pizza.  Yep, in NM green chile is put on everything, including Pizza, in fact Micky D's has green chile cheeseburgers on their menu.  Ahhh chile, (large smile on my face)! Not sure what other meals we will have in the days to come,  but I'm sure that the majority of them will have chile as the ingredient!