Weekly Menu for April 5th thru April 10th

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  In this household it was a whirlwind and I for one am a bit tired but also filled with excitement.  The reason I’m tired; as you may recall this week happens to be spring break for the kids and we have packed our week with many activities. Because of the busy week I have to say I wasn’t able to dedicate the time I usually do to bringing you a week of new recipes, I’m sorry.  Don’t get me wrong I did create a few new recipes that I’m sure you will enjoy; I just didn’t get around to having them blog ready.  I assure you that I will have a new round available next week.  But since your here anyway, I’d like to share with you what my original intentions for this blog was and to issue you a challenge.
My goal for each day regardless of the huge to-do list and the never-ending places we all seem to need to be; is to have dinner together as a family every evening.  This is a time where we are unplugged from the world around us and are focused on just the five of us.  Over the years I’ve been able to make this happen despite our schedules and have eliminated the need for the drive thru and the take-out menus to feed my family some great meals that are good for us.  We have a saying in our household; “McDonalds is for emergencies only.” I’ve talked to so many families that have wanted to accomplish this goal also, but because of a lack of ideas, and that overwhelming feeling of where to even start, I decided that since I was organizing my week for my family I could easily share it with others.  Thus, Your Dinner Playbook was created.
Just as a coach has a playbook full of ideas and strategies to reach the ultimate goal of a winning outcome for their sport, I hand you my playbook for a victorious week filled with good food.  While working on my book submission my goal for the playbook was to have three full months of menus available, and I’m happy to say that this has been accomplished within this blog.  There are over 80 recipes available now and organized so that you have the choice to follow the week to a T and know that everyday you can eat a different protein and a different type of food for three full months.  By doing this you only repeat the recipe 4 times a year.  It’s also for those of you who may need a full week of Quick Meals one week and then know that the following week you’re able to make 6 days worth of Got Some Time Meals.  It’s yet another tool to make your life easier and enjoy a meal with those you love.
Now the challenge…this week I received an email from Paula Dean who is part of the Real Women of Philadelphia challenge.  The competition is to create recipes using Philadelphia cream cheese and if you’ve enjoyed any of my recipes you know that I’m fond of cream cheese!  So once I heard about it my excitement (mentioned above) level shot thru the roof.  It is a great opportunity and I’m excited to participate, although I am a bit nervous about the video submission portion of it, but working thru it!  So while I’m challenging myself to create some new recipes I challenge you to plan the following week of menus by mixing and matching the recipes within my blog to fit into your upcoming week.  The sky’s the limit, maybe there was a week you didn’t get around to preparing one of the posted recipes and you still want to try it, or you can let your kids decide what your eating and let them pick a full week of their favorites, pasta may be on the menu the entire week but imagine the pride they’ll feel knowing that they were in charge of the menu.  Let me know how your week goes and I’ll make sure and update you on mine, wish me luck!  Lights, camera, action!  Yikes!