Weekly Menu for March 15th thru 20th

Are you as excited about spring as I am?  March 20th is officially the first day of spring for 2010 and with Daylight Savings Time beginning on the 14th I am thrilled.  When I lived in the mountains where we were at 7000 feet in elevation, spring meant that the snow would finally start to melt, the mud would dry up, the trees would begin to bud and I would thaw out.  I do not like to be cold and when winter would last 7 months I was beyond ecstatic when the calendar promised that spring would come regardless of what it looked like outside.  When we moved to Florida I figured it would look like summer all year long and that there would be no signs of new beginnings or growth.  Well, I was wrong, if you’ve noticed the weather, we have been freezing here lately; it has been so cold that the lizards left (not that that’s a bad thing) there were many trees that lost their leaves in December and January and they are now starting their growth process again producing their vibrant greens and beautiful flowers.  In addition it seems that whoever I talk to, they are ready to start spring cleaning to get rid of the old and allow the new to come in. 
Since I’m still not doing any repeats I had to go back, way back to find this weeks recipes.  I found recipes that I had pulled and saved from as far back as 2003, but no worries they are equally as delicious. While this week contains older recipes I am excited for the week of the 22nd. To celebrate spring I will be posting a full week of “Clean” recipes.  Happy spring!

A few reminders for the newbies; you can click the title of any recipe to access it and if you are interested in a blank grocery list sheet formatted for Excel, send me an email and I’ll send one off to you.  This sheet saves you lots of time in the grocery store. As always you can email me at mydinnerplaybook@aol.com with any suggestions, recipe ideas or blog tips!  Don’t forget to sign up as a follower, by doing so you will show up in the “really cool people” slot.  Thanks for sending this blog off to family, friends and strangers!  As always, have a fabulous week!
Find this weeks Grocery List here
Quick Meal 1
The title of this recipe I feel is a bit deceiving because in order to make the turkey burger look like a drumstick you have to stick a wooden skewer in it. I personally do not do this (as directed by the recipe) but I do like that this recipe is easy, fast and another way to use the cost effective protein of turkey.  Of course adding the skewer makes it much more fun for the kids. I usually serve these over buttered egg noodles or rice with a side veggie.

Quick Meal 2
This recipe is a quick version of my regular chicken enchiladas and takes no time at all to assemble.   I top our dishes with fresh avocado, tomato and sour cream most of the time but every now and then I decide to top the dish with a fried egg.
Got Some Time - Meal 1
As a kid I remember my mom would heat up leftover spaghetti in a saute pan, sprinkle it with cheese and serve it to us.  I loved this meal, but then again I could eat leftover spaghetti for a whole week regardless of what it was topped with or how it was served.  In 2006 I found a recipe from Paula Dean (love her) for Baked Spaghetti; not only was it delicious but it brought back some wonderful memories.  I think you will really enjoy it and since it’s spaghetti and cheese the kids will love it.

Got Some Time Meal - 2
When compiling this weeks menu this was the last one I came up with.  I needed a dish that used beef and I wanted something budget friendly since we had steaks the previous week.  I find that the herb butter finishes this dish wonderfully and the only variation I made was that I used 1/2 cup of beef broth so I wouldn’t have to deal with the bouillon cube and I added 1/4 cup of red wine for the marinade.  Serving over mashed potatoes completes the meal.

Got Some Time Meal - 3
Skillets, yumm!  I love skillet meals because all of your flavors are combined within a crispy outer coating. This recipe is easy and tasteful in fact it’s so easy that if it weren’t for the time it takes to cook the potatoes it would be moved to my Quick Meal category.  Usually just adding a side salad  completes this dish.
Pass the Wine; I got all the time - Meal 1
My copy of this recipe is dated December 2003, so old school that I couldn’t find it online anymore.  Although I’ve seen other versions, this is the one I turn to whether we are having a nice Sunday dinner or if company is coming over.  Pork tenderloin, prosciutto, and herbed goat cheese encased in puff pastry, do I need to say more?  This recipe is absolutely amazing (so amazing I was willing to type the whole recipe for you) and such a crowd pleaser that once you make it, you will never want to try another version again.

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