Weekly Menu for May 17th thru May 22nd

Running, running, running...whew!  While I’d like to say that the running I've been doing is the type to help me stay in shape, I’m afraid it’s the type that has me running around like a chicken without a head!  I’m sorry for the delay in posting but I wanted to make sure that I finished my two submissions for the Real Women of Philadelphia site.  Of course the hope is to actually be chosen as a finalist, but I have to say I was filled with so much excitement to share the recipe I came up with this week!  Now, I’m not sure everyone will share in this excitement but I know that the folks back in New Mexico, California, Arizona and Texas are going to be saying yuuummmmm, in unison!  You see I came up with a new burger recipe..... Smothered Green Chile Queso Burgers!  OMG (as my daughter would say) these burgers ROCKED!  Now if your a fan of green chile and oozing cheese, you will love this recipe.  
This week I will be continuing to feature recipes from the amazing women on the Real Women of Philadelphia (RWoP) site.  In fact I think that unless I come up with a new recipe to share with you, I will be featuring their work weekly.  Like I mentioned last week, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to choose so I started with those on my friend page, these women rock!  Even though I will be able to feature their recipes for a long time to come I encourage you check out the site.  www.realwomenofphiladelphia.com  This week as usual I searched for recipes that would fit into my categories along with different proteins and cuisines, and after many hours I think you will enjoy what I came up with.  Don’t forget to head over to the page that features the great blogs that the RWoP have.  I have 15 more to add this week!   Also I'd be thrilled if you sign up as a follower, by doing so you will show up in the “really cool people” slot.  Thanks for sending this blog off to family, friends and strangers and as always have a fabulous day!
A few reminders for the newbies; you can click the title of any recipe to access it and if you are interested in a blank grocery list sheet formatted for Excel, send me an email and I’ll send one off to you.  This sheet saves you time in the grocery store!  As always you can email me at mydinnerplaybook@aol.com with any suggestions, recipe ideas or blog tips!  
Quick Meal 1
By Jo
I was reminded of a funny story when I started to recreate my stroganoff recipe and I think you will be amused and after your done laughing make sure and whip up this quick and easy meal.

Quick Meal 2
by Susan West
“This is a one pot casserole that has everything in it” according to Susan.  A very easy and really, really good meal.  The kids are going to love it.  
Got Some Time - Meal 1
by Paula Todora
Talk about a mothers love.  When Paula’s son moved back to Texas from California he couldn’t find a place to buy the fish tacos he loved so much, so it was Mom to the rescue!  Not only were they spot on, but I’m told they are so good that if there are any left they eat them for breakfast!

Got Some Time Meal - 2
by Tresa Hargrove
Tresa is one tuff cookie!  She has endured so many operations and is on her second kidney.  To look at her and see the joy the radiates out of her, you would never think all the above happened.  Tresa created this recipe when she was all of 12 years old, wow and it is a perfect entree for children who would rather not eat their veggies.
Got Some Time Meal - 3
by Debi Wood aka Nana
Now Nana has to be the one gal on RWoP that keeps you in stitches as all times!  She is an amazing cheerleader and one Nana I would love to call my own, I just love what this lady has brought to the RWoP site.  Make sure and check out more than this one recipe out, she is hilarious!  I’m also told that she now has the blogging bug so I’ll make sure and link her site from mine once I find out the details.
Pass the Wine; I got all the time - Meal 1
by Jo
Drum roll please.... here is the recipe for those ROCKING burgers!  Like I said before if your a fan of messy burgers that are loaded with flavor, these are the burgers for you!  You will not be disappointed!  YUM!

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